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Top 10 Employers: Wayne County, NC

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The diversity of industry within Wayne County has been instrumental in the stability of our economy.  There are over 75 companies that call Wayne County home, including several international firms and privately held companies, some of which consistently rank among North Carolina’s top 100. 

Many of the products in our homes, in our vehicles, on convenience store shelves and anywhere in between are either manufactured in or distributed from right here in Wayne County. 

Below is a list of the Top 10 Employers in Wayne County, as of December 31, 2009.

Top  10 Manufacturing Employers

Case Farms – 1,012
Goldsboro Milling Co. – 1,000
Mount Olive Pickle Co. – 587
Georgia Pacific Companies – 520
Cooper Standard Automotive – 426
Franklin Baking Co – 383
AP Exhaust Products – 298
Waukesha Electric – 248
Uchiyama America, Inc. – 213
Mission Foods – 143

Top Non-Manufacturing Employers

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base – 6,171
Wayne County Public Schools – 3,067
Wayne Memorial Hospital – 1,448
County of Wayne – 1,096
O’Berry Hospital – 1,053
Cherry Hospital – 973
Wayne Community College – 600
City of Goldsboro – 475
AT&T Technical Support Center – 422


Author: WCDA, Inc.

Dedicated to the economic advancement of Wayne County and its people by the creation of meaningful jobs and purposeful capital investments

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